AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid

AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid 
by Steve on Wednesday 26 May 2004 

How many times have you seen a vehicle on fire beside the road? 

It is often caused by an automatic transmission that has overheated. Your vehicle doesn’t have to burn up to be damaged by overheating. Although overheating often causes damage, it is usually not the problem but only a symptom of excess friction. 

AMSOIL has formulated its products to reduce friction and heat. By lubricating all the moving parts better and reducing heat your transmission will perform better and last longer. Cold can be a problem too. When the weather is cold oil does not circulate very well. AMSOIL synthetic automatic transmission fluid provides unsurpassed thermal stability and up to five times the service life of conventional automatic transmission fluids.

AMSOIL synthetic automatic transmission fluid is formulated to exceed the performance requirements for domestic and foreign manufacturers. AMSOIL synthetic automatic transmission fluid is universal and compatible with other automatic transmission fluids. This reduces the cost of inventorying several types of fluid and greatly reduces the risk of someone accidentally putting the wrong fluid in their vehicle and causing damage.

AMSOIL synthetic automatic transmission fluid works quite well in hydraulic applications also. The anti wear additives helps your equipment last especially in severe service situations. 

AMSOIL is a very reputable company that has provided top customer satisfaction for over 30 years. You can feel good about the AMSOIL products. It is exciting to share news about products that have superior performance and you can be proud to be doing something positive for our environment.

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AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid